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Your health is a precious, priceless gift, but when it begins to break down, what do you do? What options do you have to restore optimal health and well ness once more? You need answers, and we want to provide them, to help you understand what happened to your health and how it can be returned to excellence again.

You do have options, you do have choices, and our consultations and testing can provide the precise information necessary to understand how your health became compromised and how it can be rebuilt again. People sometimes consult with us because they have not found the answers or help they seek with other doctors. Sometimes people are looking for a second opinion about their personal health concerns, and sometimes they just want a simpler, more natural approach to improving their health and quality of life.

We are a comprehensive family clinic specializing in natural and alternative health care. I have 14 years of academic university training and education in medicine and science, and an additional 35 years of daily clinical practice helping both children and adults find answers and rebuild their health.

In our opinion there is always hope, always. Sometimes things look bleak, sometimes people have suffered for many years without help, and been told to ‘Go home and live with it, nothing more can be done.’ We strongly disagree with this, we believe it is very wrong, there are always answers, there is always hope, and if you have not fully explored the options and alternatives found in natural medicine, then you have not tried everything available.

Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, is noted for his vision, leadership, passion and strength and in one of his most famous speeches when England was under attack from Germany, he told his nation: ‘Never give up, NEVER give up, NEVER GIVE UP!’ That attitude is what turned the war around for England and saved the nation. That same attitude is what we strongly recommend for anyone, child or adult, when it comes to health.

We have literally had patients, children and adults, come to us after being told by their common medical providers that there is nothing wrong with them, or nothing more can be done, go home and live with it. They knew that was wrong, they came here for help, and they found it, they got their lives back.

This is exactly what we do every single day in our clinic. It’s also how the name of our website came about. We were searching for the right name, a name which would clearly demonstrate who we are and what we do, but the harder we thought about it, the more elusive it became.

Finally we stopped trying to find the name, and the very next week, independently of each other, 15 different patients, as they were scheduling their next appointments at the front desk, said ‘Dr. Bowman, thank you, thank you for helping me, when I came here I got my life back …’ And that is the name of our website:

We will provide lots of educational and motivational literature, research studies, books and DVDs, to help you in your search for answers and better health, but please visit our website; there you will find many pages of clear, accurate, informative and uplifting information about natural &alternative medicine.

Of course, anytime you have questions, please ask myself and my staff. Combined we have over 20 years of academic university training and education in science, and more than 60 years combined experience in helping patients restore optimal health using natural &alternative methods.

We all work, we all have bills, we all have responsibilities, people who need us and count on us, but you are able to do all those things for one reason: because your health allows you to. Your health is a gift, an asset, something priceless and precious, but if your health becomes compromised, all the money, all the possessions, all the other things in life mean nothing, they do you no good, and you can’t use them or enjoy them without your health. Your health is not an expense, it is an investment. The time, effort and money you invest in your health produce the best results, the best dividends in the world: your health, and your ability to work, to earn income, to help others, to enjoy life’s rewards.

It doesn’t matter much if you wash the car or cut the lawn today or tomorrow, but it does matter what you do with your health each day. Some things can be put off, some corners here and there can be cut, but the next time you are even tempted to put your health anywhere but first, stop and think what you are doing. With your health comes everything else, without it, nothing else works, and nothing else matters.

You and your health matter to us. The health of every child and adult in this community matter a great deal to us. We dedicate ourselves to their welfare and work hard to support their health. We hope you feel the same, especially when it comes to your health and that of your family.

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