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Control Verses Influence

In your personal quest for better health, you seek healing, regeneration of damaged tissues and organs, a positive change to your health wherein you are able to restore a much higher degree of health. Certain that is the goal of anyone who is suffering, and it is the goal of health care practitioners who serve those in need of help.

How does healing happen? Even with the sophisticated level of science today, the final answer, the absolutely definitive conclusion still eludes us, and remains unknown. How can this be? With all our high tech research and treatment tools, we still do not understand everything about health, or illness or healing. We do have some answers which point us in the right direction of further investigation and hopefully more answers in time…

In life there is very little we can control. We cannot control the weather; we cannot control the actions, thoughts or behavior of others. We cannot control our children or their friends. There is much we cannot control, but…in certain cases we can exercise a degree of influence over things.

If we choose wisely we can influence our health by exercising each day, eating fresh, health building organic foods instead of dead junk foods, not abusing ourselves with stress, tobacco, alcohol, Rx prescription drugs, living a health promoting rather than a health defeating lifestyle.

On the other hand, we can influence our health in the wrong direction by never exercising, living on pizza and beer, having out of control stress, and living a careless lifestyle. In either case, the truth is this: YOU MAKE YOUR CHOICES AND YOU GET WHAT YOU GET…

We can influence healthy by doing more of the right things and avoiding the bad things. Genetics play a role in this as well. Science has proven that about 15% of what happens to us is genetically based, so there is some influence of genetics on our health. But that also means that 85% of what happens to us a result from other sources. What are these other sources? Lifestyle – what we do or fail to do each day of our lives determines what we get. Making more right choices more often cannot control your health, but it can directly and sometimes profoundly influence it in a better direction.

In dentistry there is a saying: “Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away…” The same principle applied to just about everything in our lives, including health. Pay attention, give it priority, promote and protect it, and you will probably get better results. Do the opposite and you will not do as well.

My staff and I pledge all our skills, training, experience and talents to help you understand your health and promote your wellness. To succeed we need the same level of commitment from you. If you are passive or careless, your results will reflect that, and you and we will be disappointed. If you are involved, if you participate in your health, living an intentional, focused, health promoting lifestyle, your results should reflect that in better health.

There are always unknown factors, factors which cannot be controlled, which are involved in many aspects of your life. It is for these reasons that no responsible practitioner can ever promise you will respond favorably, he or she cannot control that, any more than you can, it is can be influenced by learning and faithfully applying the right principles which promote health and healing.

As we work with you, we will provide copious amounts of informational handouts, research studies and literature and ask that you read them over very carefully and discuss them frankly with us. We want to be your partner in healing, we want to work closely together with you and to do everything we can to help you experience better health. No doctor in the world can promise you a cure, or even that you will respond favorably. He or she does their best to help you, but many other factors which are beyond anyone’s control will also affect your health including your general state of health and your willingness to make the changes needed to improve your health.

We wish you every success in your quest for better health, and we stand with you as you work to make those changes which will achieve that success. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if we can offer more assistance as you seek to improve your health using natural methods.