My recovery journey started in 2005 when I first began counseling. I quickly found out that my “personality defects” affecting my work and family life were actually symptoms of growing up in an alcoholic family. Throughout my childhood, I not only experienced high levels of stress but I was also on a diet of red meat, bread, and dairy -consistent of growing up on a Wisconsin farm. We were exposed to very little variety outside of meat, potatoes, bread, cheese, and ice cream. At the age of thirteen, I began feeling symptoms that doctors simply wrote-off. I was fatigued all the time, I easily became dizzy and blacked out, I was moody and miserable. I started my first job at the age of 16 and, because of poor health, had to quit within a month. I had been experiencing back pain for a while and was just putting up with it. However, while clearing off a table at the local restaurant, my back gave out and the pain was unmanageable – a 10 out of 10 on the pain chart for sure! In tears, I managed to drive myself home, grateful it was only one mile! From that moment on, I bounced from one doctor to the next: family physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and specialists. A cause for the pain was never identified or even discussed and very little was done to really help manage it. I was on a regiment of “as needed” ibuprofen and muscle relaxers. An MRI verified that my pain was not being caused by a herniated disc in my spine. This made me very happy but my doctor seemed disappointed! He found it very unusual, as did all the other doctors, that such a young, _healthy_ person would be experiencing radial and shooting pain that caused “minor” disability.

At 30 years of age, I considered filing for disability because I was not able to stand, sit, or walk longer than a few hours and, as the days passed, that amount of time became shorter and shorter. On top of the unexplained pain affecting my work and home life, I began experiencing skin issues on my face. I wanted to run and hide; I wanted to quit life.

At the end of 2012, it all became too much. While at an historical garden, on vacation with my family, my back seized up after only 40 minutes of casual walking. The beautiful day of enjoying mother nature was over. I spent the rest of the afternoon on ice packs on the couch while family members, ages ranging from 52-78, were full of energy and capable of continuing their activities. I felt utterly defeated. Was this the rest of my life? Was I destined to be incapable, broken, and lame? I fell apart in front of everyone and, to my surprise, was given reassurance that I was loved and was given hope that I would get better.

Upon arriving home, I sought out my Higher Power through prayer and meditation more diligently than ever before. I asked God every day to heal my body. I visualized the Holy Spirit working in me, removing whatever was broken and filling me with His love. Very soon, a friend introduced me to Dr. Bowman. It took only one conversation for me to be willing to drive the 2+ hours for an appointment that I probably couldn’t afford with a natural doctor whom I had never met. All I recall thinking is that I had to do something, why not this?

My first test result day with Dr. Bowman opened my eyes. An in-explainable mix of relief and dread overwhelmed me. My intuition had been confirmed, I was not actually healthy like all the doctors, with their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, said. My body was eroding from the inside-out and was calling out an S.O.S. that had been grossly “misdiagnosed” for decades. Suddenly, I was faced with a choice (a choice I continue to make each and every day). Jesus said it best in John 5:6 when he asked “Do you want to get well?” I answered, and continue to answer, “Yes, I do.” Dr. Bowman continues to offer me the resources and tools my body needs to do what God created it to do: heal.

Since starting my program with him, my pain levels have almost completely vanished. I am able to walk, sit, stand and work for the entire day without injuring my back. My ice packs have been retired and I am free of over-the-counter drugs and prescription medicines. I practice Pilates and chiropractic care consistently. Now that my muscles and cells are receiving the nutrients they need to heal and perform, my muscle tone, stamina, posture, flexibility, strength, and overall cardiovascular health has improved tremendously! I feel healthy.

I feel strong! God continues to give me strength and I thank Him every day for answering my prayers.

With gratitude,

I was at a recent seminar in Wausau, WI. and had the privilege of meeting Dr. Bowman. He was very educated, intelligent, honest, admirable, knowledgeable and compassionate in his works. Everything his stories and knowledge brought forth to our class setting was very appreciative. After class I researched his website and found everything he stood for to be exactly what I have been looking for to stay healthy and well throughout my life. I would go as far to say that, ” I would trust Dr. Bowman’s caring hands with every member of my family, from young to old, with whatever ails them.” It was an honor to be in the presence of such a respected man. And I will remember all the knowledge he passed on to his fellow classmates without the least bit of hesitation.

Thank You Dr. Bowman for being YOU!! :)

D. – May 18, 2013

I found Dr. Bowman via the internet while searching for alternative treatments for anxiety-like symptoms and low blood sugar, and because I was frustrated with the lack of answers provided by traditional medicine. I initially called during the weekend (when I was having issues) at the behest of my husband. I fully expected an answering machine or receptionist, but to my surprise Dr. Bowman answered. Even though I was interrupting his weekend and not even a patient of his, he was very kind and concerned for my well-being. We had a fairly long discussion (even though, again, I was not his patient) in which he gave me some guidelines to get through the weekend. First impressions are significant, and I was impressed.

My husband and I were excited for my initial appointment, but apprehensive after years of frustration at the hands of “modern” medicine. But Dr. Bowman and his staff offer an experience that is quite different than what we had previously encountered. Dr. Bowman administered a few simple tests and in a matter of minutes, was giving me answers to questions I had previously been told were either unanswerable, or something I had to “learn to live with or was “just in my head”. The atmosphere is inviting, with a home-like feel; Dr. Bowman was compassionate and caring; he invited questions and seemed genuinely thrilled to have the answers; he has a contagious enthusiasm; and his knowledge is extensive. Dr. Bowman even loaned some books out of his personal library to my inquisitive husband.

In a few short weeks, Dr. Bowman has literally given me my life back. My blood sugar is normal. My debilitating anxiety symptoms have nearly vanished. And most importantly, my body is functioning correctly and healing. Dr. Bowman has been able to effortlessly answer all of the questions that numerous medical doctors, quite frankly, had no answers for. I believe Dr. Bowman to be one of the lucky few who is truly living out his dream. There is no doubt in my mind, or my husband’s, that Dr. Bowman genuinely loves helping people.


During the past-year, I have been under the care of Dr. James Bowman from the Naturopathic & European Medicine Centre. His treatment of my illness during the past year has significantly improved the quality of my life.

In autumn 2011, I began to experience symptoms of nausea, chills, dry heaves, and fatigue. My symptoms became progressively worse and in December 20111 saw my Internal Medicine health care provider. She ordered a CT scan and upper GI endoscopy which were normal. In February I saw her again because of the severity of my symptoms. She ordered a hepatobiliary sys 1M and electrocardiogram which were normal. I received a consult to GI. The gastric emptying time procedure they ordered was normal.

I had several more visits to the GI clinic during the following year. In May 2013 I saw my Internal Medicine provider again for my annual visit. She told me that they thought my condition was chronic and due to nerve damage from a viral infection. Both my Internal Medicine and GI providers prescribed several different drugs during this time. One drug helped my nausea if my symptoms were relatively mild. The others helped initially but stopped working after a period of time. One of the drugs caused me to gain weight with significantly increased fatigue. All of these drugs were given to me to treat my symptoms; none addressed the cause of the problem.

In June 2013 my symptoms were getting worse and I was desperate to feel better. I made an appointment with Dr. Bowman; by the end of the first visit he gave me a definitive diagnosis of Candida infection and inflammation. The change in diet and dietary supplements he recommended helped me immensely. I no longer have dry heaves; I rarely experience nausea.

I have not lost one day of work due to illness since I began seeing Dr. Bowman. I can now commit to attending activities and not respond with “it depends how I feel.” I am extremely grateful to him for giving me my life back.

C.M. – April 2014

I have spent the last eighteen years dealing with the following symptoms: poor balance, poor eyesight, burning feet, body aches, very low energy and my prostrate is no longer an issue. After numerous doctors and little relief, I’ve finally met Mr. Bowman at the Alternative Health Concepts center. After five minutes Mr. Bowman had a diagnosis and I started a treatment plan right away. After three weeks into the treatment I now have my body back! I feel younger and have great energy! I’m very thankful to Mr. Bowman for taking the time to meet with me and change my life!

J.P. – April 2014

I was not feeling healthy and was hospitalized this summer and had tests, etc. but had some unanswered questions.
My friend found Dr. Bowman through a computer search and my raod to healing and good health began through natural methods. Drug side effects were a big concern for me.

Dr. Bowman helped me to understand my problems through his care. He is very caring and patient. He answers all my questions. He encourages and reassures and give me hope when I need it.

My health and live has gotten better. As my husband said – he’s the only doctor who has helped me.
M.C. – April 2014