Is Medical Insurance really your friend?


You might think the answer is “Of course, medical insurance is the answer.” Sometimes it is, but there is another side to the argument, more of the story you need to know to protect yourself . . .
If you have a serious injury or unexpectedly serious health problem, it might be part of the answer, but things are often more complicated than that. There are things like annual deductible fees, limitations to coverage called “regular and customary,” and panels which review the
recommendations of the doctors and which regularly deny or limit care.
Often people with medical insurance are shocked and disillusioned because they think the promise of helping with medical expenses is just that, when it frequently turns out to be something far less and something far different than that.
No one would argue that you should not have some kind of medical insurance for accidents or unexpected medical problems, but do you know what the BEST insurance is? Yourself. Your daily lifestyle. Your chosen daily lifestyle is literally THE deciding factor to your health or illness.
Why? Because as science has definitively proven, 95% of all health problems are from us, they are gradual, progressive breakdowns in health caused by our own lack of knowledge or carelessness in simple but powerful things like daily optimal diet, daily exercise, nightly refreshing restorative sleep, better management of personal stress, not relying on drugs to rebuild health.
When those things are working against us, instead of for us, our health breaks down, so if you want to have a 95% chance of excellent health, you need to be properly evaluated to know what your personal health is right now, how to address what’s wrong in a meaningful way, and to experience what optimal health really is when it is based on the 95% like proper diet, proper exercise, great sleep and reduced personal stress.
Where can you do this? This is what we offer you and your family, this is what we do, this is what we teach you to learn and help you to experience yourself. Instead of paying big insurance premiums, and out of pocket insurance costs for things which are not covered, we recommend you become pro-active, knowledgeable, informed, empowered, and take back your life and health using safe, natural, proven effective methods like those we provide.
Your health is 95% your decision. Your health will change when you do. Your new health begins at the end of your present comfort zone – we are here to help you master that. What could be greater than the gift of health, your health, and that of your family?

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