Lyme’s Information

LymeLogoOur provider of health care services, Dr. James R. Bowman, has worked with Lyme’s patients since he began practicing in Wisconsin in 1986. He is a past member of the Board of Medical Advisors to the Wisconsin Lyme’s Network and was recently a presenter at the Wisconsin Naturopathic Physician’s Lyme’s Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

Dr. Bowman holds an MD degree and an ND degree (Doctor of Naturopathy) with Board Certification (*). He has worked with both children and adults suffering from chronic health problems like Lyme’s and is one of a very few practitioners trained in and practicing the Cowden Lyme’s Protocol.

Dr. Cowden originated the treatment of Lyme’s Disease using natural methods instead of Rx prescription anti-biotics. Dr. Cowden found that anti-biotics cause far more damage and harm to the immune system than previously known, also contributing to chronic immune-compromising candida fungal infections in Lyme’s patients, which causes an additional (and needless) further compromise of the immune system beyond the Lyme’s Disease.

Using the Cowden protocols involves dietary changes, detoxification (from the Lyme’s Disease as well as from the Rx prescription drugs used), nutritional support and lifestyle changes, but the success of this method speaks for itself. Many of the Lyme’s patients who have consulted with Dr. Bowman have first tried years of anti-biotic therapy and because of the serious side effects of this approach, combined with the poor changes in their health, decided to try a more natural alternative approach – the Cowden Method – generally with very good results not found with other approaches.


We have more information we can share with you, please call us, we would be glad to speak with you, answer your questions and provide more information, scientific research and literature to help you understand what options are available to you to help you improve your health using safe, natural, proven effective, evidence-based methods.


We have found over many years of research and clinical practice that the use of Rx prescription anti-biotics is not the optimal answer to helping children and adults infected with TBD (TICK BORNE DISEASES) including Lyme’s Disease. Anti-biotics are used extensively but have many failings including but not limited to:

  1. Damage to the immune system which is the very system needed to defend oneself against any disease or pathogen
  2. Damage to the digestive tract of the infected person leading to other clinical problems like Leaky Gut Syndrome and internal systemic (whole body) fungal infections with Candida Albicans
  3. Damage to the DNA codes and genetics of the person taking long term high intensity Rx anti-biotic use
  4. Depression and other factors resulting from long term high intensity Rx anti-biotic use.

We have found far better, more effective, safer results using anti-microbial herbal and homeopathic remedies which are target specific for such pathogen infections but which have none of the dangers, risks or side effects of Rx anti-biotic drugs. After 35 years of research and clinical practice seeing patients who have received long term high intensity Rx anti-biotic therapies and suffering from the disease itself plus all the damage and side effects of the drugs, we find far greater success and wisdom in the natural approach.

Please use this as a good starting place for your new knowleqge and understanding of what this topic is really all about and what natural & alternative medicine have to offer those who are infected and suffering and in need of help. Contact us if you are interested in learning how we can help you.

NOTE: In the State of Wisconsin, if a practitioner holds more than one doctoral degree, s/he must choose only one under which to practice. Dr. Bowman holds both the MD and the ND degrees, but because he chooses to practice only natural & alternative health care services, he intentionally chooses not to be licensed in Wisconsin as an MD. Thus he does not prescribe Rx drugs, nor perform surgery, but rather practices strictly as a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy, focusing on herbal and homeopathic medicines, detoxification therapies, nutrition and dietary lifestyle services.

The Department of Regulation & Licensing, Madison, Wisconsin, has authorized Dr. Bowman to inform his patients of his doctoral degrees, his background, training and experience for educational purposes, so they clearly understand his background and qualifications. He has been in private family practice for 35 years.