How Healing Works


Instead of using Rx drugs to treat or suppress symptoms, we use safe, natural methods to help the body restore normal, healthy
internal balance once more, what science calls “Homeostasis”.

Our bodies are designed to be able to heal and repair themselves when the barriers to healing are removed or minimized.

What are the barriers to healing? Things like stress, poor diet, weakened digestion and absorption of nutrients, lack of refreshing, restorative sleep, lack of daily exercise, poor lifestyle, use of Rx or over-the -counter medicines with side effects, environmental toxins and pollutants, lack of proper hydration, weakened internal mineral balance, overly acid internal chemistry and more.

You Have The Key –

Will You Open Your World With It?Key

You hold the key to your life, your health, & your world. The key is a gift, free and clear, but with the gift comes the question: Will you use the key as it is intended to open your life and your world? Only you have your key, only you can use it. Only you decide if and when you will use the key.

It is said ‘Life opens up when you do.’ We believe that’s very true. You have choices, options. You can choose to ignore the key, or deny that you have it, you can distract yourself with false beliefs that there is no such key or that you don’t know about it, or you don’t have the knowledge or power to use it -you can tell yourself such misleading things, but they aren’t true, and deep in your heart, you know they aren’t so. You’ve heard the phrase ‘The truth shall set you free?’

What is the key? It’s inside of you, it is your ability to say yes to opportunities, your ability to become unstuck, to climb out of the rut, to get involved, to get moving, it’s you willingness to move forward.
Lots of people use excuses like ‘It’s too hard: ‘I don’t know how to do it: ‘It’s too complicated;’ ‘I’m not that strong or smart…’ We have all heard those excuses and listened to the voice of those who use them, but they ring hollow, empty and false each time they are used because they are just that, excuses.

Life is short. Time does not stand still. We are meant to participate in life, not act like senseless bystanders, clueless and confused. It is said there are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say ‘What happened?’ Which are you? You have choices, but each choice carries consequences.

You may think ‘I won’t choose, that way I won’t have to do anything … ‘ Guess what? No choosing, doing nothing is still a choice and because it is still a choice, it has consequences. You can choose to ignore the weeds but they will choke all the good plants and ruin your garden, and you wind up with nothing. You can choose to ignore the rust spots on your car, but you will end up with a rust bucket worth nothing. You can choose to ignore your health, but in the end the problems you’ve ignored will return with a vengeance.

In dentistry it is said ‘Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away … ‘ The same is true of most other things in life including your health. If health comes first, as it must, then everything else is possible, but with $ 20,000,000 in the bank and bankrupt health, what have you got? Not much, nothing else works or matters much at all.

What have you put off because you were too busy, couldn’t find the time, didn’t what to deal with it? Those are the very things which if unattended will come seeking you out as your health begins to fail and then what? You can run about in a panic, stressed and with little idea what went wrong or how to fix it.

It is said ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ We agree. It is far easier, quicker and more economical to identify and address problems early, instead of waiting until they are out of control, that’s when they are more serious and more costly to fix than they needed to be just because you were careless and put things off, letting them get out of control needlessly.
We are here to help you learn about and rebuild your health to optimal levels using natural & alternative methods based on rock solid research over hundreds of years from distinguished doctors and research scientists all over the world. We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk -we believe strongly in this method of healing because it works and the proof and evidence are there for anyone with an open mind to examine and prove to themselves that it is so.

Whatever your personal health concerns may be, whatever health problems your family members or friends may have, natural & alternative medicine has answers. Please contact us for more information and an appointment for a private health consultation. We also encourage you to visit our website where many pages of solid, informative information can be found. If what you are seeking needs more answers still call us, we’d be glad to speak with you, we have a research library with over 2,000 studies on every subject of health you can imagine and we are glad to share this knowledge with you.

The writer Anais Nin said: Life expands or contracts according to your courage.’ We agree. Be courageous. Your life and health will thank you a thousand times over and more:



Change can be difficult. Change can be challenging. Change can be intimidating, even frightening, but . . . change may be the very thing you need. When people consult with us they are often locked into habit patterns and a lifestyle that is unhealthy, unbalanced, and self-defeating and needlessly destructive.

Just like being stuck in traffic is frustrating, a waste of your valuable time, and gets you no closer to your destination, people who consult with us feel stuck because they ARE stuck. They know their lifestyle and comfort zone are undermining their physical and emotional health, but they don’t know what to do to break this pattern and restore health and balance again.

On the very first visit, some of the most important things we can offer suffering, confused people are hope, direction, and understanding. We have done this work for 35 years. We have extensive experience in all types and phases of compromised health and wellness.

We perform the testing and evaluations needed to precisely identify the causes of ones health imbalances. Then we design a plan using practical advice and guidance to help you succeed in the changes which can restore health, happiness, and balance once more. Your ‘comfort zone’ may be ‘comfortable’ in a way, it may be familiar to you, but it is not your friend, indeed, it may be exactly what’s holding you back, keeping you down, compromised, unbalanced, unhealthy and unhappy.

If you feel stuck, locked up, stagnant, in your health and life, please consider a private consultation with us. At the end of the very first visit you should have more information and answers than you probably ever thought were possible, and you should have more hope and confidence in restoring health and balance than you probably expected.

Habits are learned patterns of behavior. Some are good, like the habit of exercising, some are self-defeating, like being careless about your health, or believing that nothing can be done to help you improve your health and live a better, happier, healthier life.

We have the training and practical life experience to help you learn and use the simple skills needed to build better, smarter, healthier habits, and find success in your quest for better health using natural and alternative methods.


How Healing Works: Part II

If someone were to ask you “what is THE most important factor in your health?”, what would you answer? Would you say the heart? Would you say the nervous system? Would you say the immune system? The lungs? The liver or kidneys?

As important as these all are, independently, and working together in the body, there is one which is without question superior because it is the primary control center which governs and controls all other organs and systems in their function. We must, in learning new and important things, have the open mind, curiosity and eagerness of children.

What is it? Your brain. Why? Because what you understand, what you believe, and what you feel determine everything else that happens. What you think, what you believe, and what you feel determines your choices, your decisions and then your actions and this produces your results.

If, for example, you are open minded and considering help with chronic pain using a method like acupuncture, then you would learn something about it, and if it made sense to you then you would make an appointment with an acupuncturist for help. On the other hand, if the idea of acupuncture is not something which you would ever consider, then that door remains closed and you do not experience whether it can or cannot help you with your pain.

I use this as an example: what you believe, have confidence in, and understand determines your experience and this determines your results. Another example might be a belief in a higher power. If you have such a belief it will provide guidelines for dealing with life and it’s challenges, whereas if you do not have such a belief system, then these kinds of guidelines will not appeal to you, you will not utilize them, they will have no value or meaning for you.

You are a free agent, you can think, believe and feel whatever you decide, but all thoughts, all feelings, all beliefs have results, consequences, and this is why it is critically important to know what your beliefs are and why you hold those values.

In seeking help with your health there are many ways to approach your needs: you can fast, or not fast, you can exercise or not exercise, you can improve your diet or not, you can take Rx prescription or over-the-counter drugs or not, you can use natural & alternative methods like detoxification, herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, or not -the choices are yours but your choices produce results and consequences -so we ask you to most carefully and thoughtfully consider what your beliefs are and what options they may offer to help you with your personal needs.

A famous writer, Anais Nin, put it this way: “Our life shrinks or expands depending on our courage.” I have heard it another way: “Minds are like parachutes – they only work when open.”

All my life I have been a hard core scientist with high standards of seeking the truth in science and never compromising the principles, but a good scientist is both curious (I am) and open minded (I am), willing to explore new and different discoveries and test them for myself to determine if I accept or reject them, if they work or not.

You have that right, and indeed that responsibility to yourself, your life, and your health. It’s what we want for you: improving your health according to your enhanced understanding as you learn about and begin to embrace the options which natural & alternative medicine have to offer you. We strongly encourage your curiosity, that you ask questions, that you study and learn what happened to your health and how it can be restored once more to optimal levels.

Thank you for coming to see us, to consult and work with us, we are honored to know you and to have the opportunity to work as partners in healing as you begin to restore better health using natural and alternative methods.

Remember this: What controls healing? Your mind, your thinking, beliefs and feelings? Where does healing begin? Your mind, your thinking, beliefs and feelings? What you believe determines what you choose to experience and this then determines your outcomes and results. We want to help you succeed in restoring optimal health once more.

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