Getting Started


We will treat you and your family with the highest degree of respect and professionalism. We begin with a private consultation where we sit together and discuss your past and present health history and what unique health concerns you have.

After the consultation we perform three initial tests and evaluations which give us the necessary detailed and specific information about your unique health condition.

With this information, we know exactly what health imbalances are present and how to approach them. We will use safe, natural methods to help reduce or remove the barriers to healing and promote a restoration of improved health.

Each person seeking our assistance is as unique as their fingerprints and DNA. Common medicine often forgets or ignores this important truth, and that’s the reason people consult with us – because they are looking for something different, more personal, more appropriate for their unique needs. That’s why we use the European approach to healing and health care.

For general purposes, the cost of your first visit can range from between $190 and $350 and includes a comprehensive consultation, medical, surgical and health history, systems review, initial analysis and interpretation, plus the three initial evaluations and the administrative fee.

If additional testing or a more lengthy, complex consultation or analysis are needed to properly address your unique personal needs, additional fees for those additional services may apply.  This will be discussed with you thoroughly by the office manager so you clearly understand the services which are necessary and which are provided to properly address your health issues in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

Sometimes your consultation needs are brief and very simple, and a smaller fee is appropriate, but sometimes a consultation may be very complex and lengthy, it all depends on what needs to be done on any given visit.

Because our services are highly specific to your unique needs, the time and complexity of a consultation will vary from one patient to another and from one visit to another.

Each person is a completely unique human being. Your services reflect your individual, unique needs on each visit. We strive for consistency in all we do, but you need to understand that there may be variances in your services and costs reflecting what needs to be done and the time and complexity required to properly address those issues with you.

Because there is a degree of unpredictability in the complexity and length of the consultations, there is a range of consultation fees as noted above. Our doctor has invested 14 years in university based academic training in science and medicine, and he has been in private practice for 35 years.

For more information Dr. Bowman’s training, academic background and philosophy of health, and to learn more about alternative medicine, you can download a PDF here.