Dr. James Bowman, MD, ND, DNHC, DCP, FAAIM, DiHom

Our office location:

2926 Post Road, Suite C
Stevens Point, WI  54481

Our office telephone number is: 715-341-4949

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We would be honored to see you and to help you restore excellent health using natural methods.

NOTE: Dr. Bowman holds an MD degree but chooses to practice only natural and alternative medicine.

In Wisconsin, if a doctor has more than one professional degree, he or she must choose only one under which to practice. Because of this, Dr. Bowman chooses not to be licensed as an MD in Wisconsin. The Department of Regulation & Licensing, Madison, Wisconsin, has authorized Dr. Bowman to state his academic credentials for educational purposes to inform you of his training and background.

Dr. Bowman also holds Board Certification as a Doctor of Naturopathy (ND), and chooses to practice the German naturopathic model of health. Thus, he does not prescribe Rx drugs, perform surgery or practice as a common medical doctor.