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Is Medical Insurance really your friend?

You might think the answer is “Of course, medical insurance is the answer.” Sometimes it is, but there is another side to the argument, more of the story you need to know to protect yourself . . .
If you have a serious injury or unexpectedly serious health problem, it might be part of the answer, but things are often more complicated than that. […]


Alternative Medicine

Our doctor, James R. Bowman, began his academic training in science and medicine at the premeire university based medical college in Germany, the Freie Universitat, Berlin.

In addition to the many years of common medical training, he studied further to earn credentials in naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, detoxification and enzyme […]


Your Health

Your health is a precious, priceless gift, but when it begins to break down, what do you do? What options do you have to restore optimal health and well ness once more? You need answers, and we want to provide them, to help you understand what happened to your health and how it can be returned to excellence again.

You do have options, you […]