What is Naturopathy?
Naturopathy is defined as a complete science of healing which
incorporates all the good there is in the healing art in conformity with
the laws of God, Nature and Humanity.

What We Do:

We follow a German model of health care. Our services are an integration of family and internal medicine from a strictly natural perspective. “Self-healing” is a basic characteristic of your body. The concept of biological self-healing in science and medicine is called “auto-regulation,” your body is capable of regulating itself, regenerating itself, restoring balance when balance is compromised, and maintaining balance thereafter.

If this is true (which it is) then you will ask yourself: “How come I got sick? Why did my health fail me?” These are great questions because they mean you are trying to learn what produces health and what interferes with it. This is critical to your life, your health and your happiness, because unless you truly and accurately understand your health, you have no control over it, you have no direction, no idea what to do to get well or stay well.

So what’s the answer to why your health failed if you are designed to be biologically self-healing? We humans are delicate, fragile beings, we are sensitive to both internal and external factors which can overwhelm us, overload us, over stress us, and if those things are severe enough, or happen long enough over time, our bodies will begin to break down, reflecting the results of those harmful, stressful, damaging things that happened to us.
Life is stressful, it’s a simple fact. You cannot eliminate stress, but you can understand it, and you can learn to reduce it so you control it instead of it controlling you, but again, this takes a desire on your part to actually learn and understand your health, and time and practice doing the right things to restore optimal health once more.


You are composed of 70,000,000,000 [70 trillion) individual cells (more or less in the average human). Each cell must be healthy in itself in order to make all the internal organs and systems work properly. Just like one single musical note out of key can change an entire piece of music, or one single piece of a jigsaw puzzle out of place affects the entire puzzle, just a few cells which are compromised affects the whole of you.

In fact, as in cancer and many other health imbalances, it begins quietly, slowly inside and only when enough time and enough internal damage has accumulated will you begin to notice symptoms that something is wrong.
By the time symptoms are present, already much internal damage has occurred, so it is misleading and incorrect to think all was well with your health until the day your symptoms appeared – nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that the testing and evaluations which we provide can pinpoint the origins of your health problems, both where they began inside you, and when they started – our testing clearly indicates how long things have been out of balance before you sought to consult with us.
We will provide clear, accurate scientific information for you so you truly understand and appreciate how complex your health is, but also the foundational principles involved in reversing imbalances to promote healing and a fuller restoration of your health.

Questions are always encouraged – it means you are engaged in a quest for knowledge, involved in your healing, participating in your health improvements. What you respect, you will protect – we ask that you respect your health enough to protect it by learning how it should work, learning what went wrong, and learning how it can be restored once more.
In our work we focus on primary causes, not just symptoms. We help you do everything to restore and rebuild your health by stimulating its self-regulatory systems at the same time you work to clear your body of internal toxins.

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It is YOUR journey...
In your personal quest for better health, you seek healing, regeneration of damaged tissues and organs, a positive change to your health wherein you are able to restore a much higher degree of health. Certain that is the goal of anyone who is suffering, and it is the goal of health care practitioners who serve those in need of help.
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