The science of medicine may keep you alive, but the art of science heals you.

At Naturopathic and European Medicine Centre we provide high quality family healthcare services to children and adults using safe, natural, proven effective alternative methods.

Our approach to health and healing is based on the European model of health. In Germany, doctors are trained to look for the true, underlying causes of health problems and to provide safe, effective methods of healing and restoration.
How healing works
Meet Dr. James Bowman N.D. DiHOM
You hold the key...
Instead of using Rx drugs to treat or suppress symptoms, we use safe, natural methods to help the body restore normal, healthy internal balance once more, what science calls “Homeostasis”.

Our services are an integration of family and internal medicine from a strictly natural perspective.
Our doctor, James R. Bowman N.D. DiHOM, began his academic training at the premeire university based medical college in Germany, the Freie Universitat, Berlin.He has studied to earn credentials in naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, detoxification and enzyme therapy.
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